Art Pages? Edit

It is essential for us to consider these- they are the obvious equivalent of Flash submission pages. However, there are issues:

  • 1. We need to agree criteria for inclusion- Something like Monthly Winner etc.
  • 2. There will rarely be much to say, especially since none of us know much about the Art Portal. I am working on that. I have been in discussions with two Art Mods, with a view to getting help with that side.
  • 3. Since the whole of the subject is here on our site, we are copying it from the site they put it on, onto another site without their permission. On Wikipedia, they have limited resolution on art copies, so that it constitutes Fair Use and a link to the source.

- This image has a far smaller resolution than the original.--Salnax 15:09, September 2, 2010 (UTC)

  • 4. It would be easy to drift into unencyclopedic language with art, putting our own opinion in.

Award Links Edit

We are accidentaly guilty of the masive bias towards Flash on NG- we linked the Daily and Weekly Awards to the Flash Award pages. TBH I didn't even know that they had awards with the same titles. These Awards should have Pages here.

This Page Edit

  • 1. As monthly Winner, it is obviously Notable enough.
  • 2. We need more than one sentance in the opening para:

Saying it is award-winning would show from the start the reason it is selected. A couple of words about the artist could go in here. Try looking at a few of our other pages and see if we can build the opening para up to around three sentances. It doesn't matter if there is slight repetition between the opening para and the proceeding paras- that is normal. The opener sums all up, the proceeding paras give details

A brief para about the artist is apt. How much experience has he? Other awards? Other pix on the Portal? Again, it doesn't matter if we intend to create a full page for him, we shoudl have brief details here.

3. This size will do for now, we can discuss with others and come to an agreement on the subject in due course. You might just contact the Artist on this occasion out of courtesy anyway.

4. Probably better to get a quote than to describe the pic as we have in the caption.

Also, although this is about Newgrounds, a brief mention of places the pic or the author is elsewhere would be good.

Thanks for the new ideas, we will need to look into this soon as a monthly subject and we need to set out the criteria before we let everyone loose on it.

Now, back to this month!

Icedragon64 13:13, September 2, 2010 (UTC)

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