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TMM43 is a former Audio Moderator and Newgrounds musician from New York and is mostly known for creating Ultimate Destruction, which was originally gonna be the music for the first level of Geometry Dash. He's come back to music after 8 years in 2018.

Audio Submissions

He has over 80 submissions in the Audio Portal, most of which are in the Techno or Trance genres and have a score of over 4/5. His submissions have won a total of 7 weekly trophies.

Audio Work

He has over 800 reviews as of November 2010. Most of his news posts are components of his NG Audio Portal Guide. The Guide is a massive set of links to- tutorials, lists, rules, software etc.

Flash and Art

TMM43 has four mid-scoring Flash submissions, all of which were collaborative efforts, and two pieces of artwork.


Most of his BBS Posts are either general chat in the Audio Lounge or advice on the WI/HT forum.

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