SuziDragonlady, The Ex-German Nazi Hacker that Almost Cursed Zimdragonlord. This Avatar was a Female Dragon She has Drawned by herself!

This user has been banned indefinitely

Reason: This is Actually a Female, however Tried to Harm Rina-Chan and made her feel Defenseless! She Tries to Hack Rina-Chan, Zimdragonlord, and sent a Computer Virus alongside with Tekkidd, Teivos and Suzi. She is now Banned Forever due to the fact that She was Plotting a Sex-Trade in the November 4, 2013 Incident! Although She's older than ZimDragonlord! That doesn't mean she can attempt to Hurt Newgrounds Members in Real Life! Also, WadeFulp has Caught her IP Address! However She Extorted Rina-Chan alongside with MindChamber! She is a really Sick Hacker and She laughs about Insensitive Topics and Brags about Austria when everyone knows that She is an Ex-German Hacker!

This person's crime will follow him for the rest of his life. All who see what he has done will know what their fate will be if they follow him.

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SuziDragonlady [Hacker]:

Suzidragonlady AKA Suzanne Kiss or Susanna Kiß II:

She was a Hacker that was born in Vienna, Austria! She, However FAILED to taken over Zimdragonlord's Account in Newgrounds because Her Group Anthro Squad or Anti-hero Squad has been Compromised by the FBI, and the CIA!

Hacking Process that FAILED:[edit | edit source]

She is an Ex-German Hacker, Like Josh Bend! Unlike Bend, She However Never forgive ZimDragonlord or LordZim because the fact She Replied that She did NOTHING and told ZimDragonlord that His Fantasies in DeviantArt was a Lie. She Somehow almost Succeeded into hacking Zimdragonlord's Account. She somehow Failed because WadeFulp Saw the IP Changed in ZDL's Account and Banned Suzidragonlady's IP Address. She later Found out in Burgenland, Austria that she has caught a Computer Virus that was set up by the American Authorities. She Brainwashed Tekkidd into believing that he is a GI Warrior in a CD-R disc that said "Anti-ZimDragonlord Squad" Everyone in Facebook Knew that She was an Austrian Hacker, Although Only Tom and Wade Fulp knew that her Words are a Lie!

Hacking Attempt on ZimDragonlord[edit | edit source]

Proof that ZimDragonlord got hacked by unknown .exe Files that Suzidragonlady Used against ZimDragonlord. She implemented a Special Coding that Tekkidd was a Scapegoat So, Suzi can get more Euros off of Austria

Like this Picture Below, ZimDragonlord was shocked that These Files were Diabolocial, Obvious, Evil, and was Programmed by Suzidragonlady. She was a Sick Woman Who's 10 Years older than Zim. She used a Special Hacking 606 Technology because her interest in C++ was basically Hacking! ZDL Notified the FBI and the CIA because this happened that one night when his Prized Possession PC Died out of a Nasty Computer Virus, Which Arseniy and Suzi made during Halloween!

Suzi's Fed up Lies about her Internet Addiction in DeviantART. She became really Selfish and Almost Hi-Jacked TomFulp with a Special USB. However, She Failed to do so because the FBI has caught her Crew of Cronies

DARKFIRE and Anthro-Junkies Raided[edit | edit source]

DARKFIRE PC, Last Computer that Survived during the Incident that Zim would've saved however, This Fembot PC caught a Virus that responded to voice Command... Suzi was Responsible for this because She didn't use C++ in Austria However, She used Tekkidd as a ScapeGoat and used C-- a Hacker's Dialogue that only SDL and Tekkidd knew!

October 25, 2013 When this Incident Happened Zim Cried and tried to Save her. However, Zim knew it was Suzi and Arseniy because He smelled Mixed Blood in Darkfire's Hard Drive. Two of them Of Course. Arseniy was Charged with Gang Affiliation, Molestation, and Extortion because His Mother Lyuba Avery went Insane and like SuziDragonlady Lied to Georgia US Court of Justice! Zim knew that Suzidragonlady has done it because Suzi Loathed PC and She did the Process that Arseniy did later in the Process!

Formerly known as AnthroSquad Nowadays Teivospy aka Marek Statelov Took Control because Thala or Frauke Forster Had to die under US Penalty of Law. Teivospy, later ran away and Suzi's Sister Lizkay Died by jumping off a Boat in the middle of Santa Monica, CA This was the group that was Responsible for Hack attempt on Zimdragonlord

Suzidragonlady and her Chaos Theory[edit | edit source]

Obviously, Suzi or Susanne Went off of Zim because that Lougara [Another Hacker that was caught by the FBI Later this year] and said Racial stuff in DeviantArt PM. Luckily Zimdragonlord Blocked her off of DeviantArt. She was obsessed with Murdering other women. However, Teivospy became a Communist Figure because Half of his Artwork Involves with Outgunning Newgrounds, Zimdragonlord, and The Asian Community. Suzidragonlady's Personal Quote was "The world will end in Chaos" Basically, That was a Threatening sign to the American Society and she had to be Put in a Mental Asylum down in Wein, Austria! 

Her Partiotism Towards Austria and Treating Americans Unequal[edit | edit source]

Tumblr Post made by Suzidragonlady that was Antagonizing Americans by Brainwashing Austrians to Believe in her Theory or else Her Father Will Exterminate them!

Obviously, Zimdragonlord lost A lot of friends in Livejournal! He never used anything that was in Suzidragonlady's Hatred, Discrimination, and Intrepid acts Towards UASNC or United-Anthros Soviets and Nazis Crew which is the reason why She acted so Selfish, Spoiled, Mean, and Most of all Utterly Uneducated...

She mocked the Newgrounds Community because She thought Newgrounds was a Hoax, also a Virus spreading military community... She failed because Wade caught Suzi's IP address and reported her kind of destruction in Perkase, Pennsylvania! This was the time Between June 29, 2007 - December 15, 2009.

She obviously spread lies about Newgrounds All over DeviantART and made ZDL Paranoid and made him went Scared. However, Her Father was part of the [Austrian Mafia] and Tried to Hurt Both Rina-Chan and ZimDragonlord in November 4, 2013! 

Racist Acts on Asians on AnthroSquad 1:[edit | edit source]

Obviously Thala was Involved in this Incident because Teivospy Recovered her to become a Zombie. He used a SAS Virus and a Numerics way of Performing [Art of Teivosology] to bring back Thalathis. Fortunately, For Rina-Chan She Listened to Zimdragonlord and She Thanked him later in the Process. Teivos Ran away from Douglasville, GA to North Carolina and then Dallas, Texas just so he can communicate with [Soul with Hatain Voodoo]. However, The CIA Busted him for those Criminal Activities that He Commited, Rina's Half Sister Christine Thompson Took the risk of Falling into Teivo's Acid and Now She's Litterally Affected by Aids, Thyroid Disease, and Cancer!  The File was Charged against Teivos and Like Arseniy, All He said was "Newgrounds, Pathetic Website I Personally wanted this ZimDragonRat to Die unlike the Famous Gal of Burbank and I didn't do anything at all!" Anyhow, Zimdragonlord Hugged Rina on Facebook and She Agreed to never Harm ZimDragonlord Again and their Friendship Lasted even Today!

External Links:[edit | edit source]

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