Super Mario Reloaded mentioned in EGM (2004).

"Super Mario Reloaded"
Author: Paul ter Voorde
Audio used: The Matrix Reloaded
Origin: 03/24/2004
Size: 4.2 MB
Score(As of 16 January, 2012): 4.23/5
Awards: Awards 5.gifDaily Feature

Awards 13.gifWeekly Fourth

Author's comments:
Hey Spritelovers!

Sorry for those that had to wait so long. I hope you people will enjoy it. Oh yea, those who hate sprite movies, please go watch it first before you vote low for it. Call me crazy but i used over 3000 sprites that i made myself! Another thing, some things in 'Super Mario Reloaded' won't make sense if you never seen the Matrix Reloaded. The size is over 4 MB. So let it load plz. -

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Super Mario Reloaded is a video game parody by Paul ter Voorde under the user Toonimated, which is a team account. It is a cross between the Mario series of video games and the movie The Matrix Reloaded

Story[edit | edit source]

Super Mario Reloaded uses modified versions of sprites from the game Super Mario World.

The story of Super Mario Reloaded is identical to a scene in The Matrix Reloaded, only played out by characters from video games. Neo (Mario) is in the Matrix, when he encounters Agent Smith (Luigi), who is supposedly dead. Smith explains how somehow, he didn't die because he was connected to Neo. A large number of Smith duplicates then come onto the screen, apparently ready to fight Neo. One of them tries to take control of him by covering him with a black substance, but fails. At this point, the fight that lasts for the majority of the movie begins. Throughout the battle, Neo punches and kicks his opponents, and overcomes overwhelming numbers of enemies. At one point, Smith takes control of an agent that is passing by and turns it into another clone of himself. Eventually, the odds are too great, and Neo is forced to fly away. The audience then learns that the entire scene was a part of the game being played between two kids, one of whom decided to flee.

Presentation[edit | edit source]

Super Mario Reloaded takes a minute-long section of the audio from The Matrix Reloaded.

Small part of the Super Mario Reloaded sprite sheet.

Because of this, the voice acting is top notch, with characters in the movie being voiced by the actual actors. This also means that the music is directly lifted from the movie. The game seems to be as heavily influenced by Mario as the Matrix. The movie uses character sprites from the game Super Mario World, which are heavily modified in some situations. These are supplemented by a few customized sprites, such as a long pipe which Neo uses later in the fight. One brief scene uses 3D graphics from the game Super Smash Bros. Sound effects from Mario games are also spread throughout.

Reception[edit | edit source]

Super Mario Reloaded is the most popular Flash Paul has ever submitted, with over 3.1 million views as of January 2012. It also has a high review average of 15/10, and is featured in the Mario, Matrix, and Flash Portal History collections.

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