The Beginning

Sublo and Tangy Mustard is a top ranking series of movies by Aaron-Long with its own Collection Page. The series is described in the Collection as:

"Join Tangy Mustard the Sandwich Parrot and Sublo the Hungry Submarine in a series about two stupid street mascots for a struggling sub sandwich shop." the series started in 2015 with a Daily Second and was Front Paged. aaron-long first uploaded the first episode onto his Youtube account in 2015, before submitting it to the Portal shortly after. Since then he now uploads each episode to both simultaneously.

The Storylines[edit | edit source]

The story for the whole series centres around the characters of Sublo and TM, who spend their lives in the costumes of their job and follows everything then do together in and out of work.

Reception on Newgrounds[edit | edit source]

Every episode is at least a Daily Second and the top scoring episodes have won Weekly User's Choice. Most episodes are featured on the Front Page and the Halloween episode is in the 2017 Halloween Collection.

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