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Birthdate: 20th July 1982
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Aura: Blank Slate
Level: Level 13
Blank Slate AuraLevel 13
Whistle: BronzeWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Safety Patrol
Safety Patrol
Flash: Lord of the Clocks

StrangeClock is considered by many to be one of the best animators in the Clock Crew. His Lord of the Clocks series represents, to many, the pinnicle of CC lore, art and animation skill combined. He often uses Clock characters as 'actors' in other stories, showing them as characters other than their usual persona.

Author Edit

StrangeClock is a very successful author on NG. He has 23 awards including 2 Weekly Users Choice and a weekly second. Whilst he usually uses the Clock Crew style/format,he has used some voice acting, rather than always using speakonia. He has created a Clock movie in the style of the Weebl; he has even done a live action dance Clock movie, all of which makes his Clock portfolio probably the widest in styles of any Flash Crew animator. StrangeClock puts detail into the art and animation, especially in his Lord of the Clocks series.

Main SeriesEdit

StrangeClock first really made his mark with the 21 o'Clock series, where he uses Clocks as 'actors' for other characters, thus Strawberry becomes a maverick cop, Pineapple is his boss and Pubemuppet is the baddie.

The Lord of the Clocks series is his most popular and highest ranking work to date. Each is Weekly 1st and featured in collections. Again, Strange has made the Clocks 'actors', taking parts of the Lord of the Rings.

StrangeClock on the BBS Edit

StrangeClock is not a prolific poster, almost always talking about the Clock Crew when he is there. Upon winning $250 for the Monthly with Lord of the Clocks, he immediately announced he would be giving $50 to American Red Cross.


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