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Real Name: Stephan Wells
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Profile: Step
Alts: Supersteph54
Aura: Musician
Level: Level 25
Mod Aura.pngLevel 25.png
Whistle: BronzeWhistle.png
Blam/Protect Rank: Police Lieutenant.png
Police Lieutenant
Flash: The Review Request Club Awards
Audio: Orchestral Idea #1

Chaoz Fantasy Rock/Orch. Remix
H2010 - Eclipse
My Little Pony REMIX

Formerly known as "Supersteph54", Stephan Wells is a remix audio artist and Moderator in the Audio Portal (as of October 4, 2010). He is 18 years old and lives in Malta, an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea.[1] He now submits content under the moniker of "Step".


Step has collaborated on a total of four Flash submissions, all of which were submitted in 2010. Usually, he is credited with providing the sound. Stephan is better known for his large number of submissions to the Audio Portal. In total, he has submitted over eighty songs in a variety of genres since October 2008, most of which have a score of over 4/5. His most popular song, Dancing Flame, has been downloaded over 600 times.


Step is also currently in charge of the members updates of the Review Request Club (RRC), where users can submit art, audio, flashes to the club. Members of the club will then review said submission. Stephan usually reviews the audio submissions, but occasionally reviews art and flash. In total, he has over 100 Flash reviews, over 500 Audio reviews, and about 100 art reviews.

Audio Contests[]

Along with Echo, Step is responsible for hosting the annual "NGADM", short for the Newgrounds Audio Death-Match. The most recent NGADM event attracted more than 200 contestants and was one of the most popular contests held in the Audio Portal.