"Steamed Hams animation collab"
Steamed Hams animation collab
Authors: TmsT, ApertureJam, DavidToons, fluffkomix, JoHobo2, Lepy, RWappin, WooleyWorld, and YULFO83.
Audio used: "Steamed Hams"
Origin: 04/14/2018

(As of May 2, 2018)

Awards: Daily Feature

Weekly Users' Choice


Author's comments:
To mark 22 years to the day since "22 Short Films About Springfield" first aired (and to shamelessly get in on a popular meme), a bunch of

animators re-made the visuals of the "Steamed Hams" sequence in 13-second blocks, each in their own unique art style and skill level. This is the result.

Animators, in order of segment:

Joe Brennan - An unforgettable luncheon

Mike Breychak - My roast is ruined!

Ryan "R. Wappin" Krzak - Delightfuly devilish / Song (part 1)

Andrew "TmsT" Kepple - Song (part 2) / SEEYYYMOURRR!

Austin Davis - Mmmm, steamed clams

Nick Leong - Mouth-watering hamburgers

Grant "WooleyWorld" Wooley - It's a regional dialect

Jeff "Aperture Jam" Cook - Krusty Burger. Ho ho ho!

Rob Yulfo - Obviously grilled.

Anonymous ;) - A good time was had by all

Brandon Thompson - Aurora borealis?

Chris "Lepy" Meyer - May I see it? No.

Guy Incognito - You steam a good ham.

Audio credit: Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer and Tress MacNeille.

The Steamed Hams animation collab, or "Steamed Hams but There's a Different Animator Every 13 Seconds", is a crossover hit video originating from Newgrounds. The video was uploaded on April 14, 2018 to Newgrounds and Youtube, and won the Daily Feature Award on April 15 and the Weekly Users' Choice on April 18. On Youtube, the video was uploaded by AlbinoBlackSheep and has currently amassed more than 2.3 million views.

The animation sources from the popular Steamed Hams meme that originates from a 1996 clip from the popular TV show The Simpsons. Every 13 seconds, the animator of the clip changes and, therefore, so does the animation style.

The collaborators are TmsT, ApertureJam, DavidToons, fluffkomix, JoHobo2, Lepy, RWappin, WooleyWorld, and YULFO83.

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