Paper Mario Sprites

A sample of sprites from the game Paper Mario. Note how several characters have multiple sprites, which can be combined to show movement and action.

Sprites, also known as "objects," are two-dimensional images or animations used in Flash games and animations, as well as in other computer-based graphics. Sprites are convenient for animators to use since each sprite only has to be drawn once, and can then be reused for different purposes. In many games, the use of sprites is essential, since it allows characters to do prerecorded actions. In animations and games, they are often used to represent characters.

Video Game Parodies Edit

A large number of Video Game Parodies on Newgrounds, both games and movies, use sprites. The Video Game Parodies Collection Page itself refers to this practice in its opening statement. This is largely due to the fact that until the mid 1990's, almost all games used sprites, and many popular games continue to utilize them. This means that Flash artists are able to use sprites directly from the games, making it easier to stay true to the original work's art style and incidentally being much easier than drawing a potentially large number of images.

The Sprite Crew Edit

This short-lived crew based all their animation work on Sprites. Although the crew didn't survive long, they have a significant legacy in the form of series they made and animators still on Newgrounds. Their SC Tutorial includes a section on how to use Sprites.

Sprite Tut

The intro to the SC Tutorial-using Sprites from a videogame

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