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  • 10:44, 6 June 2022Zone-tan (hist | edit) ‎[1,001 bytes]NoSnowBounds (talk | contribs) (Created page with "'''ZONE-tan''' is a Newgrounds character created by ZONE-SAMA, she is a singer known for her song "Teach the World to Fap", and hosts a show called "ZTV", where she would talk about the upcoming news for and answer some fan questions. [File:268694 1142115582-zone-tan.png.] <gallery widths="173" orientation="square"> 268694 1142115582-zone-tan.png.png|Zone-tan as used in Zone's trailer for the Modifuckers. Zone pijama.png|Zone in pyjamas Frase2.png|...")
  • 01:27, 5 June 2022Deathink (hist | edit) ‎[866 bytes]CodySmith69 (talk | contribs) (Created page with "{{Stub}}{{Profile}} '''Deathink''' is a well-known artist and Flash game developer on Newgrounds. == Notable Games == * [ Pico Radio] (2012) This flash contains over 140 Audio Portal songs for convenient playback. * The Interview Codex (2013) A digital collection of 140 TheInterviewer interviews from 2009 to 2016. * The Venture's Fulp: Pico Day 2013 entry * [ Asslevania: Symphony...") Tag: Visual edit
  • 06:42, 4 June 2022SiIvaGunner (hist | edit) ‎[815 bytes]CodySmith69 (talk | contribs) (Made the page.) Tag: Visual edit
  • 20:48, 3 June 2022Jozarto (hist | edit) ‎[1,691 bytes]Digital Filth Records (talk | contribs) (Added user ingo) Tag: Source edit
  • 09:17, 1 June 2022Metal Gear Funnies (hist | edit) ‎[1,632 bytes]CodySmith69 (talk | contribs) (Created page with "{{Stub}}{{Flash|size=15.8 MB|author=Collaboration|date=April 24th, 2013|title=Metal Gear Funnies|comments=Welcome to the year 2008 where any untalented shmuck can pick up a copy of Adobe Flash and create their wildest fantasies that up until now were held away from our eyes. This is the internet.|origin=July 5th, 2008|score=2.38/5|audio=Various|genre=Comedy - Parody}} '''Metal Gear Funnies''' was a collaboration hosted by Bug, based on the Metal Gear franchise. It parod...") Tag: Visual edit
  • 07:23, 31 May 2022Jake Ganz (hist | edit) ‎[1,095 bytes]CodySmith69 (talk | contribs) (Created page with "{{Stub}}{{Profile|name=jakeganz|realname=Jake Ganz|alts=Negina|level=12|whistle=Garbage|aura=Animator|rank=Scout}} '''Jake Ganz''' (formerly known as '''Anigen''') is a former Flash creator on Newgrounds. He is currently the founder and CEO of animation studio Studio Yotta, which produced 2D animation for television and video games. == History == === On Newgrounds === Jake joined Newgrounds as Anigen in 2006, but never submitted anything with that account. He used an...") Tag: Visual edit originally created as "Anigen"
  • 16:44, 27 May 2022Fatman! The Series (hist | edit) ‎[1,221 bytes]Gray20071p (talk | contribs) (Created page with "'''''Fatman!''''' is a Flash animated series created by Grayson Lee Rogers (GrayNG), and was conceived in early 2020 with it's first episode releasing in August of 2021. The series is a parody of the comic book character ''Batman''. == Plots (episodes) == === Episode 1 - Jokin' Around === Batman has been dumped by ''catwoman'', and starts stress eating. Soon he gets so sad and lazy that he just doesn't want to fight crime anymore. Then, The J...") Tag: Visual edit
  • 23:14, 19 May 2022Meowter (hist | edit) ‎[243 bytes]Meowter110 (talk | contribs) (Created page with "== Meowter == {{Profile_1|title1=Meowter|image1=|caption1="meow" - Meowter|realname=Ivy|aura=Game Developer|level=5|whistle=Normal|rank=Civilian}}") Tag: Visual edit
  • 23:14, 19 May 2022Monday Morning Misery (hist | edit) ‎[5,100 bytes]FireKong808 (talk | contribs) (Created page with "thumb '''''Monday Morning Misery''''' is a massive multiplayer online game in the ''Friday Night Funkin’'' franchise, developed by the Roblox Group MMM Dev and officially licensed by Newgrounds. It is freely available as an "experience" on the Roblox platform and anyone with an account may play. Initially released on 4 August 2021 as a paid beta, it was publicly released for free on 12 October 2021...") Tag: Visual edit
  • 00:00, 15 May 2022321 (hist | edit) ‎[245 bytes]MaswadiPizza (talk | contribs) (Created page with "321 is a kitty krew user who collabed with kenny,bigfuzzykitten,kittykrew,biteer,thesadguy01 and more. thumb|a kitty krew user") Tag: Source edit
  • 12:19, 12 May 2022You Are A Fucking Moron (hist | edit) ‎[629 bytes]CodySmith69 (talk | contribs) (Created the page.) Tag: Visual edit
  • 03:12, 7 May 2022DreamHollow (hist | edit) ‎[1,001 bytes]DreamHollow4219 (talk | contribs) (Created page with "'''DreamHollow''' is a musician and artist uploading content to the Portal since at least October of 2020. ===Music=== DreamHollow has created several songs<ref>DreamHollow's Audio (</ref>, with his earliest upload being Target Acquired. His highest rated song so far is Mourning<ref>Mourning (</ref>.") Tag: Source edit
  • 10:46, 20 April 2022Robert DenBleyker (hist | edit) ‎[615 bytes]CodySmith69 (talk | contribs) (Created page with "{{Stub}}{{Profile|name=Rob-D|realname=Robert DenBleyker|flash=Joe Zombie|birthdate=1/4/1986|level=5}} '''Robert DenBleyker'''...") Tag: Visual edit
  • 13:29, 13 April 2022Rtil (hist | edit) ‎[2,984 bytes]CodySmith69 (talk | contribs) (Created page with "{{Profile|realname=Ryan Miller|alts=xtil|flash=Metropolis Circuit|level=36|aura=Animator|whistle=Silver|rank=Police Captain}}{{St...") Tag: Visual edit
  • 14:02, 9 April 2022Squared Modern Nihilism (hist | edit) ‎[0 bytes] (contribs) (Created blank page) Tag: Visual edit
  • 04:40, 3 April 2022Alfonso Rebong (hist | edit) ‎[1,187 bytes]AwesomeAlfonsoAnimations (talk | contribs) (Created blank page) Tag: Visual edit