Sonic's Quest For Power is a movie divided in 3 parts and 4 semi-parts based around Sonic The Hedgehog and Megaman X universes. The author, Kishan Gosine known as LgdVegetto, have thinked in new forms for Sonic. The forms are: Berserker Super Sonic (First level), Semi-True Hyper Sonic (Second level) and True Hyper Sonic (Final level). LgdVegetto have been helped by Cajunspirit in effects, like blasts and auras.

Sonic's Quest For Power 1Edit

The series stat then Eggman are trying find a mode of destroy Sonic. He find Sigma, a
Sonic VS Mavericks
computer virus that help he destroy the hedgehog. In another place, Sonic fins Mecha Sonic. Sonic and him turn into super. After the fight, the rings of Sonic almost end and Mecha Sonic charge a blast, but Megaman X save Sonic and then Sonic wake up, he end the fight using the last rings to transform into Hyper Sonic. Megaman take Sonic to the base and Dr. Light give a gift for Sonic. Light explain that after he up in machine, he never anymore will need of rings to transform. He too give to Sonic a amazing power. Megaman and Zero fight some robots. Magma Dragon, Blaze Heatnix and Storm Eagle appers and Sonic offer to fight. He destory they easying, but Sonic have been teleport to some place and Sigma almost posses him, but he don't have leted and Mecha Sonic have returned for revenge, but this time, HYPER!!!!

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