Skid and Pump, It's spooky month

Skid and Pump are two kids obsessed with Halloween, who are originally from Sr Pelo's Spooky Month YouTube series that also appeared on Newgrounds, and make a later appearance in Friday Night Funkin' as the main opponents of Week 2, with the songs Spookeez and South.

Roles in It's spooky month

They just go around doing spooky stuff until they realize it's actually November.


Roles in Friday Night Funkin'

The two celebrate Spooky Month as usual, and soon make friends with Boyfriend, and so invite him to a "dinner" made by Monster, a demon with a lemon for a head. They rap battle with him until the "food" gets here, and then the Monster announces that he was going to eat the Boyfriend and Girlfriend. The Boyfriend wins, and is safe from the Monster's jaws.

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