"Shopping Cart Hero"
Author: MonkeyWantBanana
Audio used:
Origin: 02/05/2009
Size: 147.4 KB
Score(As of 03 August, 2010): 4.49/5.00
Awards: Awards 6.gifDaily 2nd Place

Awards 11.gifWeekly 2nd Place

Author's comments:
Jump your shopping cart to greatness. You know you've always wanted to try this in real life.

Been there. Done that. Bought the t-shirt. www.cafepress.com/CartHer o done.

Shopping Cart Hero is now available on iPhone! Search for it!

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Shopping Cart Hero is a Flash Game by MonkeyWantBanana.

Design[edit | edit source]

Shopping Cart Hero is based around pushing a shopping cart down a hill in order to gain speed, and then riding in it as it soars through the air. Every run starts with a series of commands that the player must fulfill. The player clicks the Right arrow key to start running, clicks the Up arrow key to jump into the cart at the first flag, clicks the Up key again to jump at the second flag at the bottom of the hill, and can then control the cart's balance using the left and right keys. The more precisely these commands are handled, the further the cart will travel. At the end of a run, a player will receive points based on their maximum altitude and distance traveled. The points can then be used to upgrade the cart and unlock tricks and other riders to increase the score.

Presentation[edit | edit source]

The scene of the launch.

Shopping Cart Hero has an extraordinarily simple presentation for a game of its era. The characters are simple stick figures, objects have a single color, and the level of detail is low. The most complicated objects are the clouds and the sky, which have some simple shading. The audio is likewise minimal, as there is no music in the game. There are, however, a variety of sound effects that can be heard when actions take place.

Reception[edit | edit source]

Despite its simple nature and spartan presentation, Shopping Cart Hero has been a hit on Newgrounds. As of August 2010, the game has just under a million views and an average review of 9.2/10. It is also featured in the Driving Games collection. Almost 11 months later, a sequel, Shopping Cart Hero 2, was also submitted. However, this game was significantly less popular. This might be because the extremely popular Toss the Turtle was released between the two games, and the sequel suffered in comparison.

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