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The September 11 attacks were a tragic event, in which four United States airliners were hijacked and crashed into four seperate destinations. These attacks would strike down the World Trade Center, impact the Pentagon and one on it's way to Capitol Hill would be downed by the passengers in a field in Pennsylvania, the state in which Newgrounds' headquarters is located.

Aftermath of the Attacks[]

Immediately in the aftermath of the attacks, and even within a day many tributes to the attacks began pouring out. It was the biggest massive collection of tributes on a single event Newgrounds had ever received. Eventually that sadness would turn into anger, with thousands of anti-Osama flashes taking over the portal. The BBS was also filled with users spreading their condolences and sharing information with each other. 

The attacks would also have an impact on the upcoming Halloween and Christmas flashes. The theme of terrorism would be mixed in with Santa Claus and Jack-O-Lanterns. Within a few days of the attacks, even Tom Fulp himself would make a game dedicated to venting anger over the attacks. 

Following Impact[]

This would become a huge part of the history of Newgrounds, as Newgrounds usually performs best when it gets highly controversial media attention. But in this case, the site was rewarded by dozens of News stations for it's anti-terrorist flashes and many users called the site a place for modern war propaganda. All these tributes and War on Terror related flashes would eventually come to light once again when Osama bin Laden was killed on May 2nd, 2011 by U.S Navy Seals.