Real Name: Alek Wasilewski
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Profile: Sarkazm
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Aura: Filmmaker
Level: Level 12
Filmmaker AuraLevel 12
Whistle: NormalWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Town Watch
Town Watch
Flash: Lucky Day Forever-trailer
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Alek Wasilewski, also known as Sarkazm, is a Polish Flash movie creator in Newgrounds. He's most famous for his movies Aura and Hanged Man's Elegy.

Flash AuthorEdit

Sarkasm is a multi-award winning author- as of May 2011 he has 12 trophies, including four Daily Features and a Review Crew Pick.

Flash submissionsEdit

  1. Aura (down at the moment)
  2. Aura (Story Mode) (down at the moment)
  3. Smile!
  4. Polsupah
  5. Hanged Man's Elegy
  6. 1001 Tips of What To Do In Case of a Zombie Holocaust, Tip #1
  7. A Christmas Special, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Christmas
  8. Multfilm (Opa Novy God!) (w/ Scarydoll & Art-hur)
  9. Lucky Day Forever (Trailer)


Awards 5Awards 13 Lucky Day Forever-trailer

Awards 6 1001Tips.Zombie Holocaust

Awards 5 Awards 11 Hanged Man's Elegy

Awards 9 Polsupah

Awards 5 Awards 11 Smile!

Review Crew Pick Awards 5 Weekly 3rd Aura: story mode

Awards 6 Aura


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