Sanjay was a Newgrounds Moderator who quit NG to look after his family. Sanjay (like Luis) was recognized as a foreign country user who was popular for having one of the highest ranking stats on the entire mod team. goryblizzard made an account with his exact name making it a memorial or a tribute towards Sanjay as he left January 1st, 2010. The new Sanjay Account has only one post, stating the following:

"I, GoryBlizzard, am the owner of this account.

Obviously, the real Sanjay has decided to leave NG forever, and he remains very firm and confident in his decision. For those of you wondering if he's ever going to come back: he's not. End of discussion. In any case, I wish him the best with Pleasant Jay's and his family.

At Sanjay's request, I am going to leave this news post up permanently. I will not be making any BBS posts or any future news posts with this account--all that matters is that the NG community knows who has control over this account."

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