Sanford as he appears in Madness Combat 5.5. He does not yet have the lip or hook that define him later in the chronology.

Sanford is a character in the Madness series. He, along with Deimos, appears to be Hank's only immediate allies in the series. He first appears in Madness Depredation as a mysterious benefactor who provides Hank with a sword. He would next appear in Madness Aggregation as a main character along with Deimos as they tried to resurrect Hank. Sanford and Deimos also appear in Madness Combat 5.5, 6.5, and 7.5, before making his first mainline appearance in Episode 9, in which he and Deimos are ordered by some external organization to retrieve Hank's corpse and revive him. He would reunite with Hank, and the two would fight their way through Episode 10, until being briefly separated in Episode 11, and eventually arriving at an unknown fate following their apparent defeat of Tricky the Clown.

Sanford's favorite weapon is a hook on a line, which he obtains sometime between Madness 6.5 and 9. His fighting skills are almost on par with Hank's, and he is so far the only person to fight the Auditor and survive. His large lips make him one of the few characters in the series to have any prominent facial features. Sanford is also the only major character who has not yet died at least once. At least, not canonically.

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