Author: The-EXP

Armor Games


Audio used: Furmpus


Dereks - Selenium Rox

Origin: 07/14/2008
Size: 996.2 KB
Score(As of Janiary 11, 2012): 4.36/5.00
Awards: Awards 6.gifDaily 2nd Place

Weekly 3rd.gifWeekly 3rd Place

Author's comments:
Oh, hello, didn't see you there.

This right here is SHIFT 3 - and it's a whole different ball game than what you're used to! Take on an entire adventure mode around a complex facility of puzzles, collectables and MYSTERIES! There's so much extra stuff packed into this edition of SHIFT that you're sure to find somethign to suit you. For those who want a new experience, try adventure mode, For those who don't - try out the classic player packs! For those who want to unlock a CELEBRITY SECRET CHARACTER, famous throughout the Flash community, get unlocking! Special thanks to everyone involved, and especially to you, the player, who might I say, are looking very handsome today...

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

SHIFT 3 is a puzzle platformer game made by The-EXP and sponsored by Armor Games. It's the third installment in the SHIFT series.

Story[edit | edit source]

The plot in SHIFT 3 takes an important role. The player controls a subject of the same unknown test of the previous games, but this time, during the tutorial, a faulty coding results in an explosion and the revealing of a secret door, where the subject finds a PDA. Throughout the facility, the player will find some newspapers, these give a little insight on the test, the subject and his family. Following the rooms, the subject finds himself in a reactor room with 3 locked gates and 3 doors where the keys for each gate are located. After getting every key, the subject goes into the final room, where it ascends up a high tower. In the top of the tower there is a door marked "escape" and four codes to enter. If the player instead of entering the code, shifts, it will show the bad ending, as they will shift into space. If the player managed to get all 4 newspapers, they can enter the code and make it to the door, just to get trapped with a wall of death coming. But before it reaches the subject, another faulty code causes to destroy the wall of death and opening a way to the good ending, where the subject and his family escape the facility in an escape pod.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The new feature in SHIFT 3 is backtracking, similar to that found in Metroidvania games. Now keys not only open doors in the same level, but they can also open doors in different levels. This means the player has to get back to a previous room to access the newly opened area.

Reception[edit | edit source]

Despite a similar graphical style, SHIFT 3 is a notable step up from its predecessors.

Like its predecessors, SHIFT 3 was fairly successful on Newgrounds. Although it didn't win the Weekly Users' Choice award like they did, SHIFT 3 still managed to garner over 450,000 views. Additionally, the game has an impressive average review of 9.3/10, again slightly lower than its predecessors, and has a place in the Puzzles collection.

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