Author: The-EXP

Armor Games


Audio used: Coma Dream

42 Minutes Precisely

Origin: 03/13/2008
Size: 1.8 MB
Score(As of 11 January, 2012): 4.35/5.00
Awards: Awards 5Daily Feature

Awards 1Weekly Users' Choice

Author's comments:
I'm proud to present SHIFT2 to the fine people of NG.

SHIFT2 introduces brand new features into the mix, for those who wanted more content theres a whole new set of challenging levels, achievement medals, multiple endings, a level editor and much more! Hope you have fun, and keep in mind - THE CC IS A LIE.

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

SHIFT 2 is a puzzle platformer game made by The-EXP and sponsored by Armor Games. It's the second installment in the SHIFT series.

Story/Plot SpoilerEdit

The player again takes control of a subject of an unknown test. It starts in the last room of the first game, where the trophy was. The player again falls into the pit and a wall of death comes slowly, but when it's about to reach the far right end of the pit, it stops. After that, an earthquake opens a path to a secret door, where the backstage is. The subject reaches the last level in a similar fashion to the first game. If the player goes through the door, the next room will be a set of checked platforms which must be opened with the light bulbs, however, the last platform before the trophy won't open. Instead, snakes will come from both sides of the platform, killing the subject and showing the "bad" ending. If the player doesn't go through the door and instead goes left, a secret door will be revealed. This door leads to a simple level and the trophy. After getting the trophy, the subject will run to her freedom, showing the "good" ending.



Before gravity shift is activated

The gameplay of SHIFT 2 is the same as in SHIFT, with some new features. The first new feature is the checked space. This space always acts like a platform and it can't be shifted through. The checked space can be removed with the light bulb item. The second new feature is the gravity shifters. These will change the gravity towards the direction of the arrow. To enter a door, the gravity must be in the same direction. In-game medals are awarded for different tasks.

In-game MedalsEdit

Suport the developers - Visit Armor Games link.

Appreciation - View the title screen.

Title trasher - Take on the might of the title screen.

Joke's on me - Become master fo crosses.

Beat the game - Reach the last room.


After gravity shift is activated.

Teh trophy! - Get the trophy.

Speed runner - Beat the game in 5 minutes.


SHIFT 2 was received well among the Newgrounds community. It won Daily 1st, and Weekly Users' Choice. It ended second in the March 2008 Monthly contest, losing the Tank Award nomination to Castle Crashing the Beard. It currently has an average review of 9.5/10 and over 430,000 views.

Video WalkthroughEdit



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