Author: The-EXP

Armor Games

Audio used: Furmpus
Origin: 02/01/2008
Size: 238.5 KB
Score(As of 8 August, 2010): 4.34/5.00
Awards: Awards 6Daily 2nd Place

Awards 1Weekly Users' Choice

Author's comments:
I'v been told to inform you that Shift 2 is now out :D

Thanks for all the positive feedback from everyone, and a special thanks to everyone at Newgrounds for showcasing SHIFT.

Hi guys, here's a short game showcasing a concept the came to me a few weeks back. It's a puzzle platformer with a literal twist to the gameplay mechanics :D Theres no proper way to describe it, so you'l just have to experience it for yourself. There are a number of reasons I like this game, firstly its allowed me to pay tribute to Valve software's Portal in my own special way, and finally given me an excuse to get one of Dan Paladins jams into one of my games and have it fit perfectly :p So please, enjoy, and if it's well recieved but people would like it longer, I'm always up for sequels :) -Tony

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

SHIFT is a puzzle platformer game made by The-EXP and sponsored by Armor Games. It's the first installment in the SHIFT series.

Story/Plot SpoilerEdit

The player takes control of subject 32763, an unknown subject taking an unknown test. Throughout the game, the developer of the test leaves messages, some of them are hints, others are just discouraging things or jokes. At the end of the game, the subject reaches a room with a trophy on the other end, but when he tries to reach it, a pit opens up and he falls down. A message appears saying that help is on the way, but the only thing that comes is a wall of death which eventually kills the subject, followed by the ending.


Before shift

Before shift is performed, the level would look like this


After shift is performed, the level would be like this

he objective of SHIFT is simple: to reach the door at every level. The player moves with the arrow keys, jumps with the space bar and "shifts" with the shift key. The progress is timed and at the end the time of completion is shown. If the player touches the spikes, he/she will die and the level will restart, hindering their progress. There are special platforms called "locks", with images of keys. When the player gets a key, one or more locks change their position, opening new ways or trapping the player, making suicide the only way out.


Shifting is the reason that makes SHIFT a special game. Every level starts with a white background and solid black platforms. However, if the player shifts, the screen will turn 180º and the player will flip into the platform and turning the background into solid ground. Note that the player can't shift through locks.

Presentation Edit

The most notable aspect of SHIFT's presentation is the black and white art style that is necessary for the gameplay. These graphics were created by Chris Kiko Ignatov, who's best known for his work on this game. The main theme was created by Dan Paladin, and other music was composed by Anthony Kakanskas.


SHIFT was well received in Newgrounds. It won Daily 2nd, and the Weekly Users' Choice. It also won the February 2008 contest and it was nominated for a Tank Award in 2008. It currently has a score over 4.34 and over 400,000 views. 3 sequels were released as well as a spinoff called AltSHIFT.

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