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Aura: Light
Level: Level 43
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Flash: The Truth About Clockmas
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RupeeClock, AKA Miles11, is one of the major Clock Crew animators and characters. He joined Newgrounds in 2004 and submitted early works in 2005 on other subjects before getting into Clock material later that year. Rupee has a string of awards including Weeklies in his portfolio of submissions. Rupee is one of the few Clocks who is otherwise an active user on Newgrounds, with a Deity whistle, Commander ranking, and thousands of posts on the BBS. As of March 2010, he is concentrating on non-Clock animation, developing new characters.

RupeeClock's Animations

Initially, RupeeClock made sprite based animations, including the “Tails and his GBA” trilogy. Later, he would switch to animating the avatars of clock crew members in a variety of movies, including "The CCs Humble Beginnings," which depicted the early history of the Clock Crew in a humorous manner. Recently, he has begun animating his own original characters.[1]

Rupee Clock, the Character

Rupee Clock, shown as an green Legend of Zelda jewel with a clock face, has become one of the most familiar faces in the Clock Crew, often seen arguing and fighting with Strawberry Clock.

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