Rukkus, also known as NIGHTkilla and Realistik, is a musician that has been a Newgrounds user since 2007. He initially made songs in the Techno, Dance, and Classical genres, before moving to Dubstep in 2010. He made his first attempt at Dubstep, wipin November 2010. Later that year, he made his first Dubstep song, Nightfall. He claimed that it would be his only Dubstep song, but he continued to make more. His 2 main genres in 2011 were Techno and Dubstep, and he participated in the Newgrounds Audio Death Match that year. In 2012, he began to move away from the Techno Genre, and his songs that year were only in the Dubstep and House genres. In 2013, he made some very popular songs of his, including [ Nine Circles], and changed his account name to Realistik. As Realistik, he only made a few songs before changing his account name to its current one, Rukkus. He stopped making songs after 2014 due to graduating college.

In 2014, an update to the game Geometry Dash made it so that any songs from Newgrounds could be used in the game. Rukkus gained a huge increase in popularity when his song Nine Circles was used in the Geometry Dash level of the same name. Since then, lots of songs by him and other Dubstep artists have been used in "Nine Circles levels." Some of his famous songs are:

-Nine Circles





Last one...


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