Real Name: Victor Israelsson
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Profile: Rucklo
Alts: Fucklo
Aura: Audiophile
Level: Level 40
Mod AuraLevel 40
Whistle: NormalWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Safety Patrol
Safety Patrol
Flash: Cave of Wonders
Audio: Just a Fantasy

Rucklo, AKA Victor Israelsson, is a BBS and Audio Moderator from Karlstad, Sweden (he currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden). He was one of the judges in the 2008 Tank awards (see his detailed comments here.)


"No multi-n00bing, pl0x."

Rucklo's FlashEdit

Rucklo has two Flash Toons and an award-winning game collab game in the portal. See his flash here. He was also a judge for the 2007 Tank Awards.[1]


Rucklo has a massive portfolio of audio tracks in the Audio Portal - as of April 2010 he has 110 tracks, most of which are scored at over 4.00. His contribution to the game Cave of Wonders was to produce the music and sound. He has a general interest in music, and talks about music competitions from time to time.

Art Edit

Rucklo has submitted several pieces of artwork and has been scouted, though he is often considered a poor artist.

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