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Ross AKA Ross Snyder is a previous Newgrounds Admin who has left, returned then left again. He is a long time friend of Tom Fulp, who helped Tom set up Newgrounds as it is today. It was Ross who created the "autodelete" Flash Portal in 1999, the first of its kind. He departed the second time in 2008 and has dropped by during Newgrounds 2009 April Fools Day, known to many as Chinagrounds.

Early AdminshipEdit

First DepartureEdit

Ross left Newgrounds to become a teacher, which didn't work out too well.


Ross returned to Newgrounds and worked on the big 2007 redesign. He explained that this redesign was not just a cosmetic process, but a total overhaul of the system. He confesses that the system he created was crude and that Stamper, bob and liljim had done a major job between them of keeping it going and improving it. He manned the Newgrounds stall at Comic-Con 2007.

Final 2008 DepartureEdit

On March 25, 2008, Ross made this news post detailing his reasons for leaving Newgrounds, which included getting a job with the Yahoo! company. He detailed that he was sad, and thought of himself as Newgrounds' "kooky uncle", but was happy that the Staff found Rob to take his place.

News Posts/PersonalEdit

Ross studied electrical engineering at Drexel, where he was with Tom Fulp, then switched to computer programming. He was a computer science teacher for a year in 2005/6. He thought he was not a very good one, but is well remembered by his pupils. He is married. He is into comics, especially the earlier ones.[1]

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