Real Name: J.P. Neufeld
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Profile: Rig
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Aura: Musician
Level: Level 20
Mod AuraLevel 20
Whistle: BronzeWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Safety Patrol
Safety Patrol
Flash: The CTSG Collab!
Audio: Stardust Crazy

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Rig is an Audio Moderator and former Forum moderator from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is best known for his actions during the Sirtom Incident in 2009.

Audio Portal and Forum Edit

Rig has historically been very involved in the Audio Portal and Forum. He has provided the sound and music for six Flash submissions, two of which have won awards. Most notable was the "CTSG collab," the first instance where Audio and Flash Forum members collaborated on a Flash movie. In total, Rig has over 100 audio submissions in a variety of genres, including Drum N Bass, Ambient, Hip Hop, Indie, Classical, Dance, and Video Game Music. Most of his music is rated above 4/5, and in total, his submissions have been listened to over 350,000 times in the Audio Portal. Additionally, his music is heard in a number of movies. Rig also created a number of informative audio-related blog posts. Along with MaestroRage and New-Milkman, he also helped set up the " Underdog List", a profile that linked to good but unknown music. He is one of several audio moderators who continue the legacy of the MAC audio contests run in the Audio Portal and forum.

Sirtom Incident Edit

On March 17, 2009, Rig discovered a thread by Sirtom93, in which he threatened to burn his school down. At 10:58, Greenwich Mean Time, he called the police in Norfolk,UK, Sirtom's hometown. Rig mentioned on the thread that many school shooters posted threats on the internet, and that Sirtom might want somebody to stop him. At 3:40 PM, he was contacted by the police and interviewed for information on Newgrounds members. Around 7:00, he was told that Sirtom was being held in custody, under the mental health act. Later, he received a number of awards from various institutions, including the Montreal Police Department and Concordia University. Rig was also featured in the Canadian version of "Readers Digest."

Moderator Edit

Rig first became an audio moderator on February 17, 2008, after 16 months of activity on the Audio Forum. Afterwards, he became more active outside of the Audio Forum. By April 10, 2009, Wade Fulp made Rig a BBS moderator, just in time for his birthday.

Newgrounds Fame Edit

Due to his role in the Sirtom incident and being a moderator, Rig is well-known on Newgrounds. One popular thread, "Photoshop Rig," has had over 30,000 views and 600 replies. Rig is the star of several Flash movies on Newgrounds, including "Rig Caramel Dansen," "Rig Rig Revolution," and "Rig's Clocky Dance Party!" [1][2][3] He is also being featured in the upcoming game Newgrounds Fighter, as one of the the three playable moderators.[4]

XBox Live Arcade Edit

Rig created the music for an XBox Live Arcade Game named "Solar." He is also working on an XBox Live Arcade game with Murudai and powpower.

Links Edit

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