"Riddle School"
Author: JonBro
Audio used: THE TEMPLE

madness 6

Origin: 05/25/2006
Size: 612.9 KB
Score(As of 14 October, 2010): 4.07/5.00
Awards: None
Author's comments:


After several months, I've finally returned to Newgrounds with a new game! This is very much like Pico's School, I know, but it inspired me to make this. The menu music is by Pepsileo and the rest is by Cheshyre.

In a few days I'll come up with a walkthrough if anyone needs it, but the answers to each puzzle are really painfully obvious.

Also, I know that as you advance through the puzzles, it becomes less and less like a school. It's a low budget school, so it kind of has to.



Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Riddle School is a point and clicks Adventure game by JonBro. It is a tribute to the Newgrounds classic, Pico's School.

Design Edit

The layout and gameplay of Riddle School are extremely similar to Pico's School. The main character is a student who wants to escape the school. As in Pico's School, the player starts in a classroom on the left end of the school, encounters a locked door, and must go up and down the hallway and enter rooms in order to find items, interact with people, and progress through the game. Unlike Pico's School, there is no fighting.

Presentation Edit

Riddle School

Note the similarities to Pico's School.

The game distinguishes itself from Pico's School in the presentation. The graphics in Riddle School are even more cartoony and less detailed than the one's in Pico's School and lack noses, mouths, and ears. The game uses the same soundtrack as Madness Combat 6: Antipathy.

Reception Edit

Riddle School has been fairly well received on Newgrounds. Since release, it has had over 910,000 views and is featured in the Adventure Games collection, despite not winning any awards. The average Review is 8.4/10. It received 5 sequels due to it's success(4 cancelled)

As of 2016, JonBro has created an ending to the series named Riddle Transfer 2.

Bugs Edit

If the player presses any keys on the keyboard after the intro, the game will restart. (This could also be a feature, if you skip too quickly past the introduction.)

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