Review Crew Pick
Review Crew Pick is the name of one of the highest Flash Portal awards on Newgrounds. It is based on which submission received the highest average review at the end of each week on Newgrounds. In that sense, it is similar to the Weekly Users' Choice Award; however, since it represents the views of a much smaller group of people it is not considered as significant.

Review Crew Pick FAQ's Edit

The Review Crew Pick is refereed to in the section of Awards- as retrieved in September 2010:

"Weekly Users Choice – Every Wednesday at midnight the movie with the highest score is chosen as movie of the week. Only movies that were uploaded that week are taken into consideration. If a movie is uploaded near the end of the week and doesn't have enough votes, it will carry over until the next week.


*Review Crew Pick – This follows the same criteria as the movie of the week, only it is based on the scores given in {over 30} written reviews (rather than votes)."

Possible Bias against games Edit

The Star Syndicate 2010

The Star Sydicate account has eleven Review Crew Picks

Since the Review Crew Pick was created in July 4, 2001 over 475 submissions have received the award, of which 53 were games, as of May 5, 2011 - 11%. This is a remarkably small number of games. This is even smaller than the percentage of games for Weekly Users Choice- There were 529 Weekly Users' Choice awards, 106 of which were games, as of the same date- which is 20%. This could possibly partly reflect the support Crews give to their crew's submissions, which are mostly movies.
Chao in Space

Some submissions that go by largely unnoticed on Newgrounds still manage to get Review Crew Picks. For example, Chao in Space Episode 2 received one without ever reaching 20,000 views, much less widespread popularity.

Potential Crew AbuseEdit

In order to ensure that the award does not go to an insignificant submission with a small number of reviews (a single review of 10/10 would produce an unbeatable average of 10!), the award will only be given to a submission with over 30 reviews. This may not prevent some of the submissions created by the major crews from Reviewing each other up to a near 10/10 score. It is indeed the case that some crews with relatively few awards have an Review Crew Pick or two to their name. An example of this might be the main Star Syndicate Account, which has 11 Review Crew Picks, but has never won higher than Weekly 3rd otherwise.

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