Reversed Republic
Clock Strawberry
Name Reversed Republic
Founder Clock Communist
Date founded 19th September 2006
Current status inactive
Current leader
Official day (if any)
Enemies N/A

Reversed Republic (R3R) was a Newgrounds Flash group, formed in late 2006. It was a spinoff of the Clock Crew. It was modeled upon the Clocks; however, its member's images are the inverse of a Clock, as the clock makes up the body and the other object (Strawberry, Orange, etc.) makes up the face. It is sometimes known as "Crew Clock".

The Reversed Republic was responsible for over 20 flashes, but has yet to receive its own collection page.

The Movies Edit

The first R3R movie, "Introducing R3R!" which passed judgment on the 19th of September 2006, was, as its name suggests, a humorous introduction to the crew:

First R3R movie

It was created by Clock Communist and featured his Clock along with the inevitable Clock Strawberry. Clock Communist made several ironic references to the originality of the new crew, with its own ideas, such as having a letter (V) as a symbol and using Speakonia.
ClockCommunist & ClockStrawberry

ClockCommunist gets whacked in "Introducing R3R!"

R3R Style Edit

Their movies feature all the characteristics familiar from Clock movies and the like- Speakonia, speaking pointers, characters that bounce along etc.

Members: Edit

Most of the members have now moved on and only two of them kept their original usernames. Clock-Ninja and ClockMuffin.

  • Lockyo (now known as Kyothine)
  • Clock-Ninja (now in the Kitty Krew)
  • ClockCommunist (gone)
  • SithClock (gone)
  • ClockCanada (now known as KillerCRS
  • ClockShark (gone)
  • ClockStg (gone)
  • ClockMuffin (One of TechnoNG's friends)
  • ClockAce (gone)

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