Tobias Franzén, also known as Recoil, is a 35 year old swedish webdesigner, former Newgrounds user and the creator of "Chilled 1", the first music ever uploaded to Newgrounds. Although he had a very obvious impact on the story of Newgrounds, he only stayed on the site for 10 years, with a last post on October 26th, 2010, trying to ask people to vote for Tunnan & Moroten to be put on that year's Melodifestivalen. It unfortunately failed and he decided to keep posting on his own website and his Soundcloud. His last update on his website was on 2011, announcing his latest album. While on Newgrounds, he was a big fan of Doki and specially Salad Fingers, with Episode 2 being on his Favorites. Besides that, he has also made 2 movies on the year 2000, called "The Cliff" and "Fancy Douglas", respectively, although both received mixed receptions.

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