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ReNaeNae, AKA Renae Pille, is a Newgrounds Moderator, artist, award-winning author and User of the Year 2008.


ReNaeNae moderates on various parts of NG and is involved particularly on the Art Forum. Others areas of Newgrounds she moderates is Forum and Reviews.

Animations Edit

ReNaeNae's work, which includes Clock submissions, is well received on NG. As of Nov 2010, she has nine portal awards.


ReNaeNae's own work has been scouted for the Portal a number of times; however, she is better known for her work assembling the Newgrounds Callendar- which is what she won the Tank award for. She has continued to work on the callendar in 2010.

User Edit

ReNaeNae's Tank, guarded

ReNaeNae's Tank Award, Preciously Guarded

ReNaeNae was voted User of the Year in the Tank Awards for 2008. This, according to Tom Fulp in the Awards video, was mainly due to her work with the sell-out calendar. ReNaeNae has continued to worked on this collaborative project, to produce a calendar for Newgrounds each year. She is also involved in a number of other competitions and other collaborative works for Newgrounds.

Personal Edit

ReNaeNae- shopped

ReNaeNae, before and after Haircut

ReNaeNae shares stories about herself, her work etc, with photos etc on her User Page posts; however, she never posts any full pix of herself and maintains a certain privacy.

External LinksEdit

Her website

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