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RaspberryClock was a founding member of the Clock Crew, joining Orange and Apple in September 2001. He was one of the first authors to create Clock movies, where his and other clock characters are portrayed as their object, with a clockface, animated. He is traditionally portrayed as being next to Strawberry Clock in the lineup of the 5 original members of CC, as on their rules page and on the link button:

Linkus cc

Link Button from the CC website

He is portrayed as the number three in the Clock Crew in OrangeClock's submission Numbah One. Raspberry was involved in creating a number of websites for the Crew in the early years. RaspberryClock has not been on the BBS since 2004 and hasn't submitted a movie since 2007.

RaspberryClock's movies Edit

RaspberryClock is a multi-award winning author with a string of Clock movies from the early days in 2001 onwards. His movies are obviously judged as important representations of the Clock Crew by Newgrounds as seven of them are in the Clock Crew History Collection, where he is described as "the friendliest member of the Clock Crew". RaspberryClock's Movies.

Raspberry Clock as a character Edit

Raspberry Clock is one of Strawberry Clock's key supporters, and accompanies him on various missions and journeys. He is portrayed by OrangeClock as a Jedi in his Daily First winning entry "L", in 2001. He is portrayed by dozens of other authors:

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