"Queers of War"
Author: Collaboration
Audio used: Unknown
Origin: 01/14/2007
Size: 3.1 MB
Score(As of 10 August 2010): 4.04/5.00
Awards: Awards 6.gifDaily Second
Author's comments:
After many late night sessions of Gears of War in the NG office, we decided it would be fun to have a Cartoon Slumber Party, where everyone made their own gay spoofs of GoW.

This collab is the result of that evening.

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Queers of War is a collaboration of flash movies on Newgrounds. Each of these movies are parodies of the popular XBox 360 game Gears of War.


Queers of War is an oddity on Newgrounds since it is a collaboration made almost entirely of Newgrounds staff members. Apparently, it is the result of the many times Newgrounds staff members played the game at their office, which prompted them to create a number of small cartoons. They are, as the title suggests, very sexual and homoerotic.

Summaries by Artist

  • Tom Fulp - Marcus Fenix, a character from the game, is hiding behind a corner, rubbing his unnaturally large erect penis repeatedly. When a Locust monster comes from around the corner, he ejaculates on it. Ending the cartoon as the Locust cries out.
  • Dan Paladin - This movie starts with several people logging into an online game. Two locust players come across a human player, who is presumably not playing at this point, and start bumping against him with their huge genitals. The human suddenly chainsaws one of their penises off presumably killing him, but is penetrated from behind by a third Locust.
  • MindChamber - A human soldier and a Locust are staring each other down when they decide to compare their penises. The Locust, whose penis apparently is equipped with razor blades, kills the human.
  • DanMalo - A human and Locust are at a bar, complimenting each other on their fighting skills. The human begins to flirt with the Locust, and they decide to have sex outside. The human, who is pretending to put his penis into the Locust, actually places an explosive into him and kills him.
  • JohnnyUtah - Two human soldiers are standing around talking. One of them is concerned about his sex life, and the other is pointing out errors of the Gears of War universe. Eventually, the second human helps the first by telling him to wrap his penis in several belts, thus arousing it.
  • Stamper - A human and a Locust meet each other in the middle of a fight and decide to have sex. The fight therefore ends in a draw.
  • liljim - This video takes place from a Locust's point of view. When he comes around a corner, he spots Tricky the clown. He then proceeds to shoot him.


The title screen is one of the few parts of the collaboration that does not include a penis.

Queers of War was a hit on Newgrounds. Although it only received the Daily Second place award, as of August 2010, it has had just under a million views. Queers of War has an average review of 8.6/10, and is also featured in the Flash Portal History and Video Game Parodies collections.

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