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pimp is a well-known user. He has been the member with the largest amount of experience points for many years.

Despite his high amount of experience, he has no reviews, has only 123 BBS posts, and is a Major in terms of Blams and Protects. Given this, it appears he is only interested in depositing on Newgrounds, and little else.

pimp was credited with creating an animation entitled Shaggy: I was in Heat along with Josh Bend and Jamesgasm, but it is unknown if he actually did anything.

On Wednesday, August 18th, 2010, pimp reached level 60, and was the very first user to do so. Tom Fulp posted the news on the front page, and a large number of Newgrounds users awaited the day on the BBS.

In late 2016 Pimp hit 60K Exp. points.[1][2]


pimp appears to be very concerned about having the most experience on Newgrounds. For years, he has talked on the BBS about the rivalry between himself and anyone else who might challenge his place. Indeed, apart from a few comments about gun laws, he speaks of nothing else. He has got almost every experience point that he could have since 1999, so he could be a Stat whore. The fact that he wrote "I am God" on his Profile suggests that he thinks there is something special about his place on Newgrounds; he refers to himself as God on the BBS. It has to be said, though, that his fans and other users, who write various threads about the top scoring users, seem to be almost as concerned with the Top Place as he is.

Personal Life[]

The one thing that pimp talks about commonly apart from Experience Points is guns and gun law. pimp's profile has a link to the National Rifle Association, and he voices his disapproval of firearms regulation in several threads.[3] It is also worth noting that Pimp lived in Texas, a state with fairly loose gun laws.[4]

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