Author: Explosm
Audio used: I LIKE YOUR HAT (Credits)
Origin: 01/28/2010
Size: 319 KB
Score(As of 8 January, 2012): 4.41/5
Awards: Awards 5.gif Daily Feature

Awards 1.gif Weekly Users' Choice

Review Crew Pick.gif Review Crew Pick

Author's comments:
Just a super short one we came up with. Enjoy!
Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Pigeon! is a 2010 comedy movie by Explosm. It is a part of his Cyanide and Happiness series.


An elderly woman is sitting on a bench in the park when a pigeon lands on the ground in front of her. She takes out a bag of bread crumbs and throws them on the ground to feed the pigeon. After the pigeon pecks at the crumbs for a few seconds, a homeless man suddenly jumps into the scene and kicks the pigeon into a nearby lamppost. The pigeon falls to the ground, unconscious or dead. While the woman watches with a shocked expression, the homeless man scarfs up the crumbs on the ground, grabs the woman's bag of crumbs, and flees the scene. A moment later, he returns to grab the pigeon, presumably to eat later.


Nobody was expecting this.
Pigeon! is presented with the traditional Cyanide and Happiness art style. The two humans are drawn minimalistically, only slightly more complicated than stick figures. However, the animation is smooth and the background is detailed. A number of sound effects are used throughout the movie, including ambient noises, but there is no dialogue, and music only plays during the credits.


Despite its extreme brevity, Pigeon! was a big hit on Newgrounds, with over 760,000 views as of January 2012. It has a remarkably high review average of 9.7/10. Furthermore, Pigeon! won the Daily Feature, Weekly Users' Choice, and Review Crew Pick awards.

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