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Pico vs. Uberkids is a point and click game created by Tom Fulp in 2000. Like Pico's School, it was made in Flash 3. It is the third major game on Newgrounds to feature Pico, who has since become one of Newgrounds's mascots.


Pico's class is joined by three new students created by the Human Genome Project. The students are genetically engineered to be stronger, smarter and generally better in every way than regular humans, and the creators wish to test them out on the school's best students. Since the massacre of Pico's School, Pico, Nene and Darnell have been chosen in the place of those best students. The professor says that the students are entitled to choose the method of competition. Pico chooses Rock Paper Scissors Roulette.

The Game[]

The object of the game is to beat the Uberkids -- Uberjon, Ubersam and Uberfred -- at Rock Paper Scissors Roulette. As you might expect, this is a combination of Rock Paper Scissors and the deadly game of Russian Roulette. Each round involves playing Rock Paper Scissors with one of the Uberkids. Whoever loses the Rock Paper Scissors match has to try his or her luck with the revolver and hope the hammer doesn't land on a full chamber and blow his or her head off.

Each time a round starts, the revolver has a one in six chance of going off. The chamber is not re-spun between turns, so the chance of getting the fatal bullet increases as the round goes on, until either one of the students or one of the Uberkids dies, and then the next student and Uberkid face off. The best two out of three wins the game.


  • If Nene loses a round of Rock Paper Scissors and has to try her luck with the revolver, she'll suck on the barrel in a suggestive manner before pulling the trigger.
  • If Pico loses a round of Rock Paper Scissors and has to try his luck with the revolver, he will pull the trigger twice, because Pico has been through so much shit, that at this point he just wants to die.
    • But if the revolver's trigger is pulled four times without going off and Pico loses the next round, he will pull the trigger only once.
  • If the revolver's trigger is pulled five times without going off, whoever loses the next round of Rock Paper Scissors will have the Grim Reaper standing over him or her, signifying that he or she is screwed.
  • After the Uberkids corpses are dumped in the pit at the end of the game, if the player waits about 10 seconds without pressing "Continue", the truck itself will slide down into the pit.
  • Following this game, the Uberkids have shown up again as mass-produced bad guys that Pico mows down.

External Links[]

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