The opening screen for Photo King

Author: Wiesi
Audio used: N/A
Origin: 07/24/2009
Size: 6.4 MB


(As of Dec 4, 2012):

Awards 14
 Daily 5th Place

Photo King is a flash game which spoofs  Nintendo Wii games.  This game was introduced in 2009 by Wiesi and received a Daily 5th Place award.  



Upon playing this game, you are introduced to a menu which looks exactly like the Wii's menu.  The menu is called the "Pii."  There are no keyboard controls in this game, since a mouse or touch screen is meant to emulate the Nintendo Wii remote.  After clicking through the Pii and game menus, there are 9 levels to complete.  In each level, you must decide when to take the best photo (via the Pii remote).


Each level in Photo King is in the form of a  mini game.  There are 9 levels in total.  The levels consist of the following (numbered according to the level number): 

  1. In this level, you must use a feather to tickle 5 men in top hats in order to get them to smile.  The best time to take a photo of them is when they all have wide smiles, while each bird showing adds more points.
  2. A bunny racing a sports car wants you to take a photo of him.  The best time to take a photo is just before he crashes (before he reaches the ! mark at the top of the screen)
  3. This level is the same as level 1, except now you must make a pig and several monkies smile.
  4. There is a kangaroo speeding, back and forth, across the screen in level 4.  The best time to take a photo is when the kangaroo's face is exactly in the center of the screen.
  5. A fisherman wants you to take a photo of every smiling fish that jumps out of the water.  Take a photo of each smiling fish.  However, if a photo of a frowning fish is taken, you must repeat the level.  The minigame will progressively speed up as the level moves toward the end.
  6. The same as the 1st and 3rd levels, except you must make 10 frogs smile.
  7. This level is similar to level 2, except the bunny is now flying a jet.  Keep an eye on the altitude meter and take a photo of him just before the altitude meter reaches 0.
  8. Same as 1, 3, and 6.  This level deals with 12 ice cream scoops with faces on them.
  9. In level 9, you have 3 photos to take, with a crowd of bunnies running across the screen.  Most of the bunnies are smiling, while a few are frowning.  You want to capture the most smiling bunnies that you can in each photo.  
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