PC Gamer is a games magazine that started out in the UK back in 1993[1], it also exists in other countries today, such as the US, the US version having been launched in 1994[2]. In recent years, PC Gamer has mentioned Newgrounds every so often, most significantly was the Christmas 2009 issue (208).

Issue 208[edit | edit source]

The 208th issue had a top 50 games to play at work feature[3], which mentioned a few Newgrounds flash, which where:

Issue 208 Photos

50th Madness Accelerant - "A hyperbolic side-scrolling shooter that lasts about 15 minutes, and never stops bombarding you with lunacy. It could hardly be simpler to play, but the effect is intense. Think Metal Slug games pushed through a cartoon sieve."
29th Guitar Geek - "Browser-based Guitar Hero without the guitar means that you can pick up your keyboard and make like a rockstar. We do not recommending doing that in an office environment, however, as you are likely to attract attention from your fellow workers."
5th Doom Triple Pack "Every computer in existence is required to have Doom installed to test its capabilities. It’s your duty to make sure the PC you use at work is not a Doom virgin. There’s even a browser version if you can’t get it on the hard drive."

Several other games that are on Newgrounds, such as The Majesty of Colors, were also featured, although they linked to other websites.

This was the UK version of the magazine. The American version saved this feature for the May 2010 issue, in which it was part of a special 200th edition. Newgrounds plans to make it into next edition's Top 50 List with at least 3 games in it, again.

References[edit | edit source]

Site version of Issue 208

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