Chris O'Neil is an popular animator known for making many popular series on Newgrounds. He has 85 trophys to his name including a string of Daily and Weekly Trophies. Oney has been creating flash movies on Newgrounds since 2006 with his most recent works coming out mid-2018. He has also been involved in the creation of several flash games.

Leo & Satan Edit

The series that got Chris to where he is today is Leo & Satan. He created the series with Sean Kiely. But he was most notable for most of the series' production.

Hellbenders Edit

Hellbenders is a series that Chris made with Zach Hadel AKA PsychicPebbles. It involves the two animators as thereselves going on adventures. The show however made only 3 episodes. There was even a leak for a pilot episode that was half finished. Zach finally updated the series on a update video he made after he went after a two year hiatus on his YouTube Channel. Saying "We told you guys everything we're allowed to say." Chris and Zach Even got contacted by Hollywood about the show. Pitching it to networks like [as].

Oney Plays Edit

Chris officially slowed down with making animations around 2016 and started to do Let's Plays with his friends Ding Dong and Julian on YouTube. The channel quickly grew popular and he continues to make some animated videos and other fan stuff for it.

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