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The Official Newgrounds Wiki is the internal wiki of the Newgrounds site, accessible through the link About Newgrounds at the top left corner of every page. The wiki was created by PsychoGoldfish in 2010 and is planned to have information about all kinds of aspects of the Newgrounds site.
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The opening page of the wiki.

History Edit

The creation of the wiki was first announced by Tom Fulp in March 2010, in a post that became a long thread discussing every aspect of the wiki.

In the original post, Tom described their plans for the wiki:

"Goldfish wanted to set up a Wiki as a place to manage the upcoming API documentation, but the system is so handy that our goal is to run all the site-related docs through it. It keeps information more unified and gives us less static pages to chase down when we redesign the site."

The Wiki Editors Edit

The bulk of the wiki has been written by Psychogoldfish, beginning with porting in pages from elsewhere on the site, such as FAQ, and editing them. In the initial thread, Tom invited volunteers to assist in the creation on the wiki.

The Team Edit

The team are lead by Fro. The list supplied by Fro in October 2010 is:

  • 14hourlunchbreak
  • Aprime
  • Boss
  • byteslinger
  • CommanderWalrus
  • digital-musician
  • DiMono
  • Domo
  • Donut
  • EJR
  • Fro
  • HeavyTank
  • IceDragon64
  • Ismael92
  • ItsRangasLife
  • Jolly
  • Kevin
  • LiquidOoze
  • Lizzardis
  • mwmike
  • Rabid-Animals
  • Saint-Jesus
  • Salnax
  • Sheizenhammer
  • simon
  • TehSlapHappy
  • ThePigeonMaster

These editors are often known by the slang title "wikimods", although they do not moderate anything and have no Mod status or privileges.

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