All the people who visit Newgrounds could be called Users and everyone who has an account is definately a User, but although one needs an account to do such things as Submit etc. and all the Staff are registered as Users, in practice the term is most used for people who are registered and are visiting the site to see and here what the site has to offer, in other words, the audience.

Of the many people who read, listen, watch and vote on Newgrounds, only a small fraction submit anything. Whilst new content is essential for the continued popularity of the site, the audience of thousands of views and viewers each day is the advertising moneymaker and it is what attracts people to want to submit art, audio, animation etc.

As well as offering free entertainment in a wide variety of forms, Newgrounds encourages the Users to return again and again by offering a cash sum once a month to one lucky User.

The Users are also celebrated by the random picking of User of The Day.

User of the Day Edit


A User of the Day

Every day one registered User is chosen to have their name and some of their details highlighted on each of the Forums. Newgrounds FAQ:

"User of the Day

Q: What are the requirements for being the UOTD?

A: To be selected as user of the day, a user meets the following criteria:

  • has a profile

  • has posted to the forums

  • has a properly-sized profile picture

Please don't ask for the spot, our system chooses it randomly.

Q: Can a user be UOTD more than once? A: Nope.

Q: Where can I find a list of past UOTDs? A: Lucky for you, we keep a list of past winners.

Top Users Edit

Thousands of visitors pass through and view submissions occasionally without registering. Thousands more register and only come occasionally. If their voting experience is anything to go by, many registered Users only vote occasionally and many accounts are hardly used. Still thousands of Users get into Newgrounds and become "regulars" visiting often and voting etc. apparently attracted to increasing their rank and the power of their vote. Of these just a few thousand stay for months and years and go up the ranks, voting a number of times a week until their vote becomes worth many times that of a non-registered User.

These Top Users become known for their News Posts, their Reviews and their BBS Posts. A few are even known just for their elite ranking by Voting Experience, such as Pimp. Some of the Top Users have some submissions to their name, but few are known for their creations. Conversely most of the top Authors are not known for their User rankings. Most of the top Users may have some submissions, but few are known for their creations.

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