The official Newgrounds Calendar is full of events which take place annually celebrating people and events of all sorts. Anything from Christmas to Clockday might suddenly be included, with competitions, Collections and a one-day or a seasonal change in the appearance of the Main and Portal pages of the site. Tom announces each celebration on the BBS in advance and sets out rules etc for any competition, including closing dates, prizes etc.

January Edit

Newgrounds Day- Celebrating a new year of Newgrounds

February Edit

March Edit

April Edit

  • 1st - April Fools' Day - Celebrated each year with a new practical joke
  • 23rd - Star Day - A Star Syndicate Holiday
  • 30th - Pico Day - Celebrates Newgrounds's Mascots from the Pico Series and Tom Fulp's Birthday

May Edit

June Edit

July Edit

  • 10th - Robot Day
  • 18th - Glock Day

August Edit

  • 15th - Clock Day - celebrating the passing through judgment of the movie "B", upon which the Clock Crew are founded.

September Edit

October Edit

  • 25th - Ban Day- Any Lock who doesn't make a submission for this day is banned from their forum.
Pumpkin Lolly 2010

Replaced Level pix on Halloween 2010

November Edit

December Edit

  • 25th- Christmas
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