Newgrounds Bots

The six bots, in all their glory.

Newgrounds Bots are the bots used on the Newgrounds site to help automate the system. Bots are software applications that run automated tasks on web sites. Bots perform tasks that are both simple and structurally repetitive, at a much higher rate than would be possible for a human alone. Like all bots, Newgrounds bots are programmed by site administrators to help Newgrounds in many tasks. As of April 2010, there are six bots that help Newgrounds with different assignments. Although they are actually simply bot programmes on the computer, each is given a persona, including a picture and a user page on Newgrounds, which lists their functions and may have messages from the bot. Each is characterized by having a different aura.

FAQ description of Newgrounds Bots Edit

"We currently employ five bots. We only send official notifications using the ones listed here. If you get a message from a bot by any other name, please disregard this fake bot's ramblings.

P-Bot – Picks the daily Flash Portal winners and announces them on the front page every day, and removes unworthy submissions from the site with his BLAM cannon.

A-Bot – Sorts and ranks Audio files submitted to the Audio Portal, and picks and highlights weekly winners.

G-Bot – Creates, validates, and ranks user accounts.

M-Bot – Assists site moderators by notifying users of bans and removals regarding forum posts and submission reviews.

I-Bot – Helps users filter and sort Art Portal submissions, and picks each day's winning works of art."

This is, strictly speaking, still true- As of November 2010 F bot is not "employed" nor sending out messages.

G BotEdit

Created in 1999 to manage Grounds Gold. His page

P BotEdit

Created in 2000 to manage the Flash Portal. His page

A BotEdit

Created in 2003 to manage the Audio Portal. His page

M BotEdit

Created in 2006 to assist Newgrounds Moderators. His page

I BotEdit

Created in 2007 to manage the Art Portal. His page

F BotEdit

F-Bot's Icon

F-Bot's User Icon

Created in 2007 with, as yet, unknown functions. Her page

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