"Nene Interactive Suicide"
Author: Tom Fulp
Audio used: N/A
Origin: 4/29/2006
Size: 165.1 KB
Score(As of 6 January, 2012): 3.79/5.00
Awards: Awards 9Daily Fourth
Author's comments:
Originally featured on Newgrounds in 1999, I still get a kick out of this one. It was the second episode of Pico, obviously much cooler than Darnell's episode but not as infamous as Pico's School, which soon followed.

My friend Sean provided the voice of Nene when she jumps out the window. The rest is all me... yay! Also note the cute Club a Seal reference (

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Nene Interactive Suicide is a Flash Game by Tom Fulp. It was the second entry in his Pico trilogy, which ended with the legendary Pico's School. Prior to the creation of the Flash Portal, it was one of the better known games on Newgrounds.

Story Edit

Nene is a popular girl with a major problem. The day before her prom, she discovered that she had a bad case of herpes, a sexually transmitted disease. Rather than facing public humiliation, Nene decides that the best course of action is to kill herself as soon as possible.

Design Edit

Nene Interactive Suicide is as much of an interactive movie as it is a game. Players can have Nene commit suicide in one of six different ways by clicking on different objects in her room. Each of these methods leads to a violent and/or comedic demise. After each death, the player may choose another form of suicide or restart the game. An option for returning to the main menu, once used for accessing other games set in the Pico universe, is defunct in the Flash Portal version of the game.

Presentation Edit

Nene Interactive Suicide

The surprisingly violent "milk" suicide in action.

Nene Interactive Suicide uses graphics similar to other early Pico games by Tom Fulp. Characters and objects are simply drawn, and Nene has a more childish appearance than her situation would suggest. The game contains fairly liberal amounts of red splashes of blood, a common feature amongst early Newgrounds submissions. Nene Interactive Suicide also includes several short musical loops, swapped at various points, in a fashion used in Tom Fulp's next major game, Pico's School.

Reception Edit

Like many other games in early Newgrounds history, the popularity of Nene Interactive Suicide is hard to gauge, due to its initial absence from the Flash Portal. It's Flash Portal debut was in April 2006, about seven years after its initial creation. Remarkably, the game was still a hit years later, winning the Daily Fourth award and garnering a total of over 1.6 million views as of January 2012, with an average review is 7.7/10. Additionally, it is featured in the Pico and Gadgets collections.

Flash Portal Version

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