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Birthdate: March 8
Profile: NekoMika
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Aura: Musician
Level: Level 49
Mod AuraLevel 49
Whistle: DeityWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Sup. Commander
Sup. Commander
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NekoMika is a Newgrounds Audio and Review Moderator. She is also a former Portal, Chat, and BBS moderator. NekoMika is the #3 Audio Reviewer and #9 largest Reviewer on Newgrounds. Before taking this username, she was known as SCTE3.

Review Request ClubEdit

NekoMika has been running the Review Request Club since Step's resignation from leadership in 2011, but has announced her resignation from running the club in December of 2014 stating her reason for stepping down is largely how inactive the club was and seeing no further point running the club. She asked any member interested in running the club to send her a Private Message about how to run the club in the future.

Posting StyleEdit

NekoMika is known to add cat related things to her posts stating her reason being that she likes cats and that she doesn't feel a need to take things seriously all the time. However, when it comes to the Audio Portal, she tends to speak more in an audio moderator tone stating reasons for users being banned or what is or is not allowed in the portal.

Stepping DownEdit

Last News Post

In December of 2014, NekoMika stated she was stepping down from being a moderator and leaving Newgrounds for a while due a mix of onsite and offsite reasons and that she needed time to get her life together. The community, in the comments, expressed sadness at the idea of her going for awhile with many stating "you were one of the nicer moderators."

Return to NewgroundsEdit

In late June 2015, NekoMika slowly began to come back as a regular on Newgrounds and took back up the reigns as an Audio and Review moderator. She stated her reasons for not taking back modding in the BBS and Portal as she got tired of "toxic users" and that there were "enough mods to cover the flash portal" respectively.


NekoMika is a writer for the newer Sex Kitten games with the ForkHead team, and is  working on writing in collaboration with several users for series that are in progress. She has not noted which users she is working with or which flash series at this time.

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