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NEVR is a popular Newgrounds user who is currently a Forum and Review Moderator from London, England. He signed up on June 29, 2005, and is an active member of the English Gentlemen's Club. In total, he has over 11,000 posts on the BBS, mainly in the General, Where is/How to?, and Clubs & Crews forums. He also has six audio submissions and four pieces of art to his name, and managed to get scouted into the Art Portal.

Moderator Edit

NEVR produced the rules advice news post about Backseat modding in which he explained the details about when a user may be seen as telling others what to do rather than being helpful.

On October 28, 2010[1] , NEVR was demodded. Wade Fulp states personal reasons for his leaving the mod team.

As of May 27th 2011[2], NEVR is a review mod only.

NEVR has since been given his rank as forum mod back.

BBS Posts Edit

NEVR is a member of the English Gentlemen's Club.

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