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"Murloc RPG"
Author: un-mediocre
Audio used: N/A
Origin: 03/15/2006
Size: 5.9 MB
Score (As of August 2011): 4.28/5.00
Awards: Awards 5Daily Feature

Awards 1Weekly Users' Choice

Author's comments:
Update: The new expansion is out! Murloc RPG: Stranglethorn Fever. Faster gameplay, loads of new areas, enemies, and items added! (v1.2). Check out my site for more info. http:// gamerdisclaimer .com (site is down, try googling Murloc RPG Stranglethorn Fever)

I've always wanted to play a Murloc on World of Warcraft, but I knew that wasn't going to happen... So I created my own game! I've been secretly developing an RPG engine for months, which includes:

20 Talents, 50+ Items, Lots of enemies to battle, Lots of areas to explore, And a fully developed storyline!

Over 1 hour of gameplay, this is a full RPG developed on Flash. If you're not into RPGs, please consider the work put into this game when you vote. WARNING: You must have Flash Player 8!

  • NOTE: Most people think the game froze when you get the message "Yes I'm ready, Give me a few minutes" The game did NOT freeze. Kagle is asking you if you're ready. You should click on either "Yes, I'm ready" or "Give me a few minutes."

Controls (available in-game): A and D or Arrows to move Left and Right Hold Control to run. Use Spacebar to interact.

  • Updates*

15/03/2006 - Fixed minor bug regarding the hidden challenge. 16/03/2006 - Fixed another minor bug regarding the hidden challenge! (silly typos)

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Murloc RPG is an RPG game by un-mediocre. It is based on the World of Warcraft universe, and tells the story of a Murloc, a biped amphibious creature.


Murk is a young Murloc who lives in a Murloc village. The village leader, Chief Brakil, wants Murk to gather meat for the Murloc warriors returning that night. He also helps the villagers catch fish, hunt more wolves for their bushy tails, and kill a boar named Princess for its fine leather. Upon returning home, however, he discovers that almost everybody in the village, including the chief, has been slain. Only Lekon the Mage is still alive. After Murk fetches teleportation runes from a cave, the mage is able to make a portal. The game ends on a cliffhanger, as Murk emerges.


Murloc RPG is a linear RPG. It takes place from a side view, so that the main character either moves left or right. The game shares many aspects in common with World of Warcraft: players travel an environment and accept missions to advance the story. Players can also level up from defeating enemies, learn abilities, and buy, sell and equip items to Murk. Battles are activated by touching enemies in the world. Health is restored quickly outside of battles.


Murloc RPG is turn-based. Murk and a single enemy take turns attacking until one of the runs out of health. Players can make Murk either attack, use magic or a special skill, use an item to restore health, or attempt to flee the battle. Several passive abilities, such as countering enemy attacks, may also be activated once the necessary skill has been acquired.


Murloc RPG

A typical scene from the game.

The graphics in Murloc RPG are actually 2D sprites of the 3D models used in World of Warcraft. Although each character has a limited number of actions, they are impressive for a Flash game of the era. Backgrounds are also taken from World of Warcraft, and consist of images from areas in the game. Music from World of Warcraft is also used.


Murloc RPG was well received both in the Newgrounds community and amongst World of Warcraft fans. As of August 2011, the game has garnered 3.7 million views on Newgrounds and has an average review of 9.3/10. It also received the Daily Feature and Weekly Users' Choice awards. Furthermore, it is included in three collections: Adventure Games, Warcraft, and Flash Portal History. The game was also featured on the official Blizzard website for some time.


The game

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