Real Name: Mike Welsh
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Profile: mike
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Aura: Programmer
Level: Level 20
Programmer AuraLevel 20
Whistle: NormalWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Police Captain
Police Captain
Flash: Doom Triple Pack
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mike was a Staff member of NG. His real name is Mike Welsh.

Flash Edit

According to the staff blurb, "mike was picked up as a full time game programmer. Mike also led various projects that required technical skills far surpassing those of his ignorant co-wokers. He must feel VERY special." Despite what the first line of the blurb suggests, Mike has had relatively few games. He has participated in four collaborations and has produced only one solo game. That game, Doom Triple Pack, a Flash port of the classic PC game, received the Daily Feature and Weekly Users' Choice Awards. Later, it was featured at FHM's Web Game Awards 2009.[1] He's had an everlasting love of Doom as said. [2]

Accomplishments Edit

mike had made a number of improvements to Newgrounds while he was a staff member. In 2007, he created a visualizer for the Audio Portal.[3] He also worked on Castle Crashers.[4]


In late January 2013, Newgrounds released Swivel, a flash to HD video converter mostly programmed by Mike.[5]
Swivel logo

The Swivel logo.

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