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"Metal Slug Rampage"
Author: Emeciton
Audio used: Korn
Origin: 01/26/2003
Size: 1.5 MB
Score(As of 14 June, 2010): 3.38/5.00
Awards: Awards 5.gifDaily Feature
Author's comments:


UPDATE 21/6/05 Yea I updated the engine and added some minor things to make the game run smoother. I also changed the controls a tad so that people can play it offline if they know how to scour their temp files ;)

This is level one of my latest game, Metal Slug Rampage! If u wanna see some changes in level two then just say so in your review. All ideas WILL be taken into account. If you wanna see a character in there from a game u like tell me what game and character or better still email me the sprites.

A full list of controls is IN THE GAME but here's a brief run down:

Left/Right arrow keys:Move left/right Up/Down arrow keys:adjust machinegun position Control:Shoot Machinegun Shift:Jump Space:Fire the main cannon

Ok ppl. I was inspired by all the sprite orientated games on Newgrounds to make one myself. One of the only sprite games I have is Metal Slug. So i made this. As for right clicking to fight the boss, thats just the way i programmed the game, u can right click to skips scenes in almost every game there is.

    • UPDATE**

Wow! I had no idea this would do so well! Thanx 2 all those who supported me and wrote good reviews. I'll definetely be making level 2 now.

UPDATE 2 **22/6/03 (or for u yanks 6/22/03)**

Fuck me with a 10 foot pole (no dont actually). Over 1 million views and over 500 reviews!! I NEVER thought it would do so well. Well, u 1 million ppl will b pleased to know lvl 2 is only a matter of weeks away!)

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Metal Slug Rampage is a flash game by Emeciton. It is a Run 'n Gun shooter based on the Metal Slug series, the console game franchise that inspired Alien Hominid.


One day, Marco, the hero of the Metal Slug series, is bored of being a good guy. He decides to go on a rampage using the "Metal Slug," a powerful tank. After wrecking his allies forces, he is stopped by Tarma, a friend of his. Although Tarma tries to convince him to become good again, Marco refuses. Tarma then attacks using his helicopter, but is eventually defeated. Marco then completes the level.


Metal Slug Rampage consists of a single linear stage, in which the goal is to reach the far right side of the stage an defeat the boss. Players control the Metal Slug using the A, S, D, and arrow keys. The tank moves left and right by using the left and right keys, and can also jump using the S key. The main cannon, which can only be used when the Metal Slug is stationary, is fired with the D key. The supplementary guns are aimed with the up and down arrow keys and are fired with the A key. The player has a health bar, and if they are hit by enough enemy projectiles, they will have to restart the level. However, the boss can be defeated very easily. The helicopter and its missiles never approach the lower-right corner of the screen, giving the player a perfect position to fire from.


Metal Slug Rampage uses real Metal Slug series sprites.

The sprites used in Metal Slug Rampage are identical to those found within the metal slug games. Metal Slug Rampage also uses a large number of sound effects from the games. However, the music was created by Korn, a nu-metal band.


Despite its brevity and unremarkable critical response, Metal Slug Rampage has been a massive hit on Newgrounds. As of May 2010, it is just short of 7 million views. It is also featured in three collections: Flash Portal History, Metal Slug, and Action Games. It has also had two fairly successful sequels.

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