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The Mastermind series is the newest series by The-Swain. Mastermind was not intended to be a series when it was first released but the first turned out so well The-Swain decided to continue.

The series is rated mature.

The artwork in the flash movies is rendered exclusively with shades of red and is often heavily shadowed. The Swain revealed that he studied JohnnyUtah's artwork and it has influenced the art style of Mastermind.

Flash Movies[]

Mastermind []

The Mastermind selects his Number Two henchman but not everyone agrees with his decision.

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Mastermind 2[]

The Mastermind goes through an average day in his secret base.

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Mastermind 3[]

The Mastermind utilizes his new super weapon. Featuring the vocal talents of Egoraptor and TomaMoto, as well as Newgrounds staff members Tim and Bob!

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Mastermind 4[]

The Mastermind calls a meeting with the most loyal of his lieutenants. Featuring the vocal talents of AlmightyHans, Andy Dennis, and Christina.

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Mastermind 5[]

The Mastermind rectifies an issue with his Shark Tank

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Mastermind: WC (World Conqueror)[]

You are the Mastermind and your goal is to conquer the world and by conquer I mean blow up!

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The mastermind is main character and evil mastermind of a large criminal organization. Mastermind enjoys talking, cherry cola, paper and killing his subordinates. He easily outsmarts those around him and as a result often finds himself bored or lonely sitting around in one of his many secret lairs.


Great in number and highly dispensable, they make up the majority of the Mastermind's organization.

Dark Ophelia[]

Mastermind’s controversial Second in Command who is literally tits with legs. In Mastermind: WC she raises minion moral and protects them.


A French accented patsy lieutenant with obvious vampire inspiration who repeatedly apologizes for mission failure. In Mastermind: WC he specializes in stealing missions.

The Tudor[]

A renaissance-themed patsy lieutenant who points out everyone is wearing red shirts in Mastermind 4. In Mastermind: WC he increases mission success.

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