"Madness Regent"
Author: Tom Fulp


Audio used: Calliope


Wrath of the Oceanic (Reprise)

Abyssal Industry

Origin: 09/22/2008
Size: 5.4 MB
Score(As of 18 October, 2012): 4.39/5.00
Awards: Awards 6Daily 2nd Place
Author's comments:
Happy Madness Day 2008!

"Q" toggles quality.

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Madness Regent is a Run n' Gun Flash game made by Tom Fulp and MindChamber for Madness Day 2008.

Design Edit

Madness Regent is a short, linear shooter, roughly based on the Madness series. The player enters a building from the ceiling, goes through a hallway, and takes an elevator to a large chamber, where the game's solitary checkpoint is. There, the player finds Tricky the clown and some guards dancing. After the guards and boomboxes are destroyed, the player must jump to higher platforms in order to avoid the rising lava. There, they fight Tricky in his demon form, which has 400 health. The game also has one medal, which is worth 25 points for Newgrounds members who beat the game.

Gameplay Edit

Madness Regent

A scene from early in the game.

The playable character only has one gun, an automatic weapon, that never runs out of ammunition. Movement and aiming are controlled with the arrow keys, while the A button shoots and the S button can be used to jump or double jump. A player's life is indicated by a red number in the top left corner, which starts at 20. One health point is lost every time Hank is hit.

Presentation Edit

Madness Regent is portrayed with standard Madness graphics. Hank appears as he does throughout the Tricky Saga, and the appearance of other characters barely differs from their original appearances. Four different tracks of music are used: "Calliope" by chesyre, "Abyssal Industry" by S3C, "Wrath of the Oceanic" by Idiosyncratic, and "Outrun" by Waterflame.

Reception Edit

Madness Regent was well received, though not quite as well as its spiritual sequel, Madness Accelerant. As of October 2012, it has had over 1.5 million views, and an average review of 9.2/10. It is also featured prominently in the Madness Day 2008 collection.

Play it here

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